İ.Kahalil, "Sensorless Wave Based Control...", Nov. 19, 13:40, L065
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  • İ.Kahalil, "Sensorless Wave Based Control...", Nov. 19, 13:40, L065

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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences


ME 551 Grad Seminar





"Sensorless Wave Based Control of Flexible Structures Using Actuator As a Single Platform For Estimation and Control"


Islam S.M Kahalil,


Abstrac: In this talk we present a wave based control approach for flexible structures using the actuator as a single platform for measurement and control without picking any
measurements from the system. This was accomplished by using the reflected wave to the
actuator from the system along with the actuator parameters as the current and velocity to estimate the flexible system’s parameters and using those estimated parameters to achieve robust controllers keeping the system free from any measurements and attached sensors. All the sensors attached to the system were used just to verify the performance of the controller not to have feed back from the system.


19th November 2008, Wednesday, 13:40-14:30, FENS L065