T.Alpcan; "Network Security: A Decision&Game...", Dec. 24, 14:40, L030
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  • T.Alpcan; "Network Security: A Decision&Game...", Dec. 24, 14:40, L030

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Network Security: A Decision and Game Theoretic Approach

Tansu Alpcan

Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Berlin, Germany

This presentation gives an overview of network security research encompassing the topics of intrusion detection, modeling, decision making, and attack response. While the main focus of the talk

will be the decision theoretic approach for network security and security games, it will also touch

areas such as distributed intrusion detection and optimized attack response.

First, various aspects of network security and a decision theoretic approach will be introduced.

Next, a class of security games that model and analyze the interaction between malicious attackers

and network defense systems will be studied within a quantitative framework. In addition, ongoing

work and future directions on formulations investigating communication and information constraints

will be discussed. Second, various research results on distributed intrusion detection will be

discussed along with an example of anomaly detection for smartphones. In the third and final part

of the talk, a summary of research activity in the area of optimization of network defense resources

and attack response strategies will be provided.

Short Bio:

Tansu Alpcan received the B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Bo˘gazic¸i University, Istanbul,

Turkey in 1998. He received the M.S. and PhD degrees in electrical and computer engineering from

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) in 2001 and 2006, respectively. His research

interests include network security, game theory, control and optimization of wired and wireless

communication networks, resource allocation, and intrusion detection. He has received Fulbright

scholarship in 1999 and best student paper award in IEEE Conference on Control Applications in

2003. He is the (co-)author of more than 60 journal and conference articles. He was an associate

editor for IEEE Conference on Control Applications (CCA) in 2005 and has been TPC member of

several conferences including IEEE Infocom 2007-2009. Tansu was the co-chair of the workshop on

Game Theory in Communication Networks (GameComm) 2008 and publicity chair of GameNets

2009. He has received Robert T. Chien Research Award from the UIUC Department of Electrical and

Computer Engineering and Ross J. Martin Research Award from the UIUC College of Engineering

in 2006. Tansu Alpcan has been a member of IEEE since 1998. He is currently a senior research

scientist in Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, which is affiliated with Technische Universitat Berlin,


Dec. 24, 2008, 14:40, FENS L030