G.Demiröz; "Software Development at Microsoft Corporation, USA", 01.7
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  • G.Demiröz; "Software Development at Microsoft Corporation, USA", 01.7

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Software Development at Microsoft Corporation, USA

Gülşen Demiröz
Sabancı University

Software development in large scale is very challenging but also very rewarding. It requires great planning, good initial architecture and efficient engineering systems. It also requires many developers working together on the same code base and hence good coordination, many quality gates provided by the automated testing systems and build systems. In this talk, I will present how software development is done at world’s software giant Microsoft. I will try to explain the software product cycle at Microsoft from my own experiences, which happen to be in two of the largest teams at Microsoft: Windows and Office.

Short Bio:
G¨uls¸en Demir¨oz has received her B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from Bilkent University in 1995 and 1997. Then she went to work for Microsoft Corporation headquarters in Redmond, WA, USA as a software engineer. She has worked in various teams at Microsoft: first as a Software Design Engineer in Windows Networking team (1997-1999), then as a Test Lead in the same team (1999-2001), then as a Software Design Engineer in Office Outlook team (2001-2006) and finally as a Development Lead in Microsoft Online Services team (2006-2008). She has been a part of big software releases of Microsoft such as Windows 2000, Office XP, Office 2007 and Microsoft Online Services. She has been an instructor at Sabancı University since Fall 2008.

January 7, 2009, 13:40, FENS G032