T.E. Aşıcı; "Algorithmic Graph Theory&its Appl.", April 1, 14:40, G025
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  • T.E. Aşıcı; "Algorithmic Graph Theory&its Appl.", April 1, 14:40, G025

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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences








Algorithmic graph theory and its applications



Tınaz Ekim Aşıcı


Boğaziçi University





This talk aims at presenting various applications of graph theory with an emphasize on coloring problems at an introductory level. Applications to biprocessor task scheduling, frequency assignment, aircraft scheduling, university timetabling, sports scheduling and 3D image reconstruction will be explained and theoretical difficulty (in terms of NP-completeness and approximation algorithms) of the corresponding graph theory models will be discussed. Some generalized coloring problems will also be discussed along with their applications. Current research topics related to generalized colorings will be presented.





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Education: B.S. in Mathematics, Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, 1999; B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Galatasaray University, 2001; M.S. in Scientific Methods in Business, Universit´e Paris IX-Dauphine, 2002; Ph.D. in Operational Research, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), 2006. Research Interests: Graph Theory, Generalized Vertex Coloring Problems, Combinatorial Optimization, Sport Scheduling, Complexity


Theory, Approximation.




April 1, 2009, 14:40, FENS G025