Ç. Gencer; "Admissible Rules&Unifiability in Model Logics", 15.4,13:40
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  • Ç. Gencer; "Admissible Rules&Unifiability in Model Logics", 15.4,13:40

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Admissible Rules and Unifiability in Modal Logics




Çiğdem Gencer


İstanbul Kültür University





The study of nonclassical logics usually revolves around provability of formulas. When we generalize the problem from formulas to inference rules there arises an important distinction between derivable and admissible rules. In classical logic, these two notions coincide, but nonclassical logics often admit rules which are not derivable. The research of admissible rules was stimulated by a question asking whether admissibility of rules in intuitionistic logic (IPC) is decidable. It is proven that the admissibility of inference rules is decidable for the IPC and a large class of modal logics with FMP. The connection to admissibility to unification is proved late eighties. New results on unification provided another criteria for admissibility in certain modal logics. In the talk first we introduce the admissible rules and give the relationship between admissible rules and unification.




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Education: Ph.D. in Mathematics, Ege University, 1995; MS in Mathematics, Ege University, 1990; BS in Mathematics, Yüzüncü Yıl University, 1987. Areas of Interest: Admissibility of admissible rules on modal logics, unification; Coalgebras, compact Hausdorff coalgebras; Model Theory, nonstandard models of of arithmetic, 0-1 law. Professional Experience: 2005–present, İstanbul Kültür University, Associate Professor; 2000–2004, Boğaziçi University, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor; 2001–2002, Rutgers University, Post Doctoral Position; 1999–2000, Ege University, Assistant Professor; 1998–1999, Hebrew University, Post Doctoral Position.




April 15, 2009, 13:40, FENS G025