F.T. Altekin; "Profit-Oriented Disassembly...", April 15, 13:15, G029
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  • F.T. Altekin; "Profit-Oriented Disassembly...", April 15, 13:15, G029

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Profit-Oriented Disassembly Line Balancing over Planning Horizon with Work-in-Process Inventories





F. Tevhide Altekin


Faculty of Management, Sabancı University







The increasing need for recovery of used consumer products justify construction of high volume disassembly lines similar to assembly lines. Although assembly must be complete to obtain the end product, disassembly tends to be partial where discarded products are disassembled to the extend it is profitable to do so. Given the disassembly task times and costs along with the demand and revenue for recovered parts, one can find a line balance to maximise the profit per disassembly cycle. However, each part has a different demand fulfilled and implementing the same per cycle solution throughout the whole planning horizon does not maximise the overall profit. In this study, we define and solve the disassembly line balancing problem to maximise profit over the planning horizon. In our formulation, we also introduce extensions such as finite supply of the discarded product, allow accumulation and use of WIP inventories, and incorporate inventory holding cost of WIP and parts released in excess of demand. A solution procedure for this dynamic problem is proposed by decomposing it into a series of static problems, each corresponding to a different time zone in the planning horizon. The performance of the proposed approaches are evaluated and the effects of problem parameters such as the demand level, WIP and supply availability, station opening cost, and inventory carrying charge are explored.




Wednesday, April 15th, 2009, 13:15-14:30, FENS G029