İ. Cahit; "Short Proofs of the Four Color Theorem", May 6, 16:15, 2019
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  • İ. Cahit; "Short Proofs of the Four Color Theorem", May 6, 16:15, 2019

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Short Proofs of the Four Color Theorem



İbrahim Cahit


Near East University





Kenneth Appel andWolfgang Haken made the Four Color Conjecture into the Four Color Theorem (4CT) in 1976. Since their proof relies essentially on computer aided checking which makes it not checkable by a human. I have given an noncomputer proof of the Four Color Theorem based on the coloring of spiral chains in the maximal planar graphs in 2004. In this talk along with this proof, I will give another two that also are based on spiral chains. Namely spiral chain solution of Tait’s coloring of bridgless cubic planar graphs and repairing historical Kempe’s proof by using double-spiral chain coloring.




Short Bio:


İbrahim Cahit Arkut graduated from the Technical University of Istanbul, Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1971. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from Eastern Mediterranean University in 1995. He did research in Eindhoven University, Electrical Engineering Department, Holland in 1974–75. He has held visiting positions in University Waterloo and McMaster University, Canada in 1980 and 1986. He has worked as an engineer in the field of telecommunication from 1975-1996 in North Cyprus.



Wednesday, 6 May 2009 at 16:15, FENS 2019