A. Garcia; "On Certain Maximal Curves", June 2, 4
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  • A. Garcia; "On Certain Maximal Curves", June 2, 4

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                               “On Certain Maximal Curves”



Arnaldo Garcia


Recently two new families of maximal curves over GF(q2n) were introduced:

·        Curves by Abdón-Bezerra-Quoos
·        Curves by Giulietti- Korchmáros

We present simple proofs of their maximality. We also present some new ideas
that can be helpful in the construction of good curves over finite fields.


on June 2, Tuesday, 09:40-11:30, FENS 2008





“On Certain Maximal Curves”




We consider maximal curves over GF(q2) of the following two particular types:

·        Given by yq – y = f(x), where f(x) is a polynomial.
·        Given by y2 = f(u), where f(u) is a polynomial of odd degree q.

Using the Cartier operator we get a classification of such maximal curves.


on June 4, Thursday, 16:15-17:15, FENS 2008