O. Tokatlı; "Multi-Criteria Design Optimization...", June 3, 13:40
  • FENS
  • O. Tokatlı; "Multi-Criteria Design Optimization...", June 3, 13:40

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Multi-Criteria Design Optimization of a Micro-Gripper



Ozan Tokatlı







This talk presents the design and the optimal dimensional synthesis of a compliant, parallel mechanism based micro gripper. Multiple design objectives are considered for the gripping task and a compliant, underactuated micro mechanism, namely a half-pantograph, is proposed as a feasible kinematic structure of the gripper. An optimization problem to study the trade-offs between multiple design criteria is formulated and dimensional synthesis of the mechanism is performed to achieve the proper directional task space stiffness of the device, while simultaneously maximizing its manipulability, using a Pareto-front based framework. An "optimal" design is selected studying the Pareto-front curve and considering the secondary design criteria.


3rd June 2009, Wednesday,  13:40-14:30, FENS L047