E.D. Güneş; "Admission Control and Scheduling for Preventive Services", Nov. 11, 13:40
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  • E.D. Güneş; "Admission Control and Scheduling for Preventive Services", Nov. 11, 13:40

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IE-OPIM Joint Research Seminar Series 2009-20101

1 Co-organizers: Murat Kaya (IE) mkaya@sabanciuniv.edu, Çağrı Haksöz (OPIM) cagrihaksoz@sabanciuniv.edu

Admission Control and Scheduling for Preventive Services

Evrim Didem Güneş

Koç University


We consider the capacity rationing of a preventive service between two types of demand; for screening (asymptomatic type) and diagnosis (symptomatic type). Screening prevents future failures, therefore decreases the future demand for diagnosis. On the other hand waiting is more costly for symptomatic individuals. This is the basic trade-off that should be considered in admission and scheduling decisions. We use a markov decision process framework to model this system, and establish the existence of optimal monotone policies under certain conditions. Further, a compartmental model is developed to investigate the effects of such operational controls on population dynamics for the colorectal cancer screening and diagnosis example. We use a four-stage health model (1) healthy, (2) polyps, (3) preclinical, or early stage, colorectal cancer (4) clinical, or late stage, colorectal cancer. We create four scenarios where the difference rises due to the allocation of the resources. We present a numerical analysis that compares the performances of the different scheduling strategies and explore the effect of system parameters in detail.


Evrim Didem Güneş is an assistant professor of operations management at Koç University. She earned BS and MS degrees in industrial engineering from Bilkent University, and a PhD in Management from INSEAD. Her research interests are in service operations management, focusing on health care applications and modeling issues related with human resources in services.

 Room: YBF 1073

Date/Time: November 11th Wednesday, 13:40-15:00