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Reverberation chambers




Prof. Alistair Duffy


Department of Engineering, De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester, UK 






















Abstract: Reverberation chambers. As a test facility, reverberation chambers have a lot to offer, they isolate the inside and outside worlds, they can simulate terrestrial propagation paths, they can illuminate test objects with very high strength electromagnetic fields and they are a cheaper option than fully anechoic chambers or open area test sites. However, they also have some drawbacks compared with other facilities, such as the lack of ability to take directional measurements. This lecture presents the operation of reverberation chambers and some of the tests that can be performed in the chamber.


Speaker’s biography: Dr. Alistair Duffy is a Reader in Electromagnetics at De Montfort University, Leicester , United Kingdom . He read for his BEng(Hons) and MEng degrees in Cardiff ( University College , University of Wales ) graduating in 1988 and 1989 respectively. During his first degree, he was sponsored by Oyster Terminals Ltd who specialised in hand-held controllers and data collectors. He worked there after graduation for two years (1988 – 1990) where he took on a variety of roles including buyer, development engineer, sales support engineer and marketing engineer. The lure of electromagnetics was too great and in 1990 he went to work as a research assistant in Nottingham University reading also for a Ph.D. with Professors Christopoulos and Benson, graduating with a Ph.D. in “Coupling of electromagnetic waves into wires – experiments and simulations”. After a one-year post doctoral study at Nottingham, he moved to Leicester to lecture in communications and researching in related electromagnetic phenomena. He is currently also the Head of the Engineering Division at De Montfort University, he has published approximately 150 technical papers and also holds an MBA.

Thursday, December 10, 2009/13.40-14.30 


FENS G029-Sabancı University-Istanbul