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 IE-OPIM Joint Research Seminar Series 2009-20101




A Queueing Model Analysis of a Hybrid Manufacturing/Remanufacturing System



Yavuz Günalay


Bahçeşehir University






Refurbished item sale is becoming a common practice especially in electronics industry. This new source of revenue brings new problems as well, such as marketing, pricing and production planning for this new line of product. In this study, a firm that sells goods both in the new item and refurbished item markets is considered. The production and inventory system of the firm is modeled. We consider both no product substitution and partial product substitution cases. A queueing network is used to model the system and an algorithm to calculate the best base-stock inventory levels for both item types is presented. The results are used to discuss the implication of different production and quality strategies.






Yavuz Günalay graduated from METU, Electrical and Electronics Department at 1987 as an Electrical


Engineer, and later did his MS in Industrial Engineering at Bilkent University and his PhD in Management Science and Information Systems, at McMaster University, Ontario Canada. His doctoral dissertation is about Server Scheduling Rules in Polling Systems. After his graduation in 1996, he worked as a faculty member at Eastern Mediterranian University, Industrial Engineering Department (1996-1998), later at Bilkent University, Management Department (1998-2007). Curretly he is a faculty member at Bahcesehir University, Management Department. Dr. Gunalay’s research interest include Queueing Theory, Stochastic modelling of manufacturing systems and Information Systems. His articles published in journals like Queueing Systems, Journal of Optical Networks, EJOR. Dr. Günalay is the active member of national and international academic associations like INFORMS, EUROMA, IEEE, YAD, INETD and also serving as a Advisory Board member for the International J. of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.




Room: FMAN 1073


Date/Time: December 23rd, 2009, Wednesday, 13:40-14:40






1 Co-organizers: Murat Kaya (IE) mkaya@sabanciuniv.edu, Çağrı Haksöz cagrihaksoz@sabanciuniv.edu