T. Çayırlı; "A Universal Appointment Rule for a Single...", Feb.24
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  • T. Çayırlı; "A Universal Appointment Rule for a Single...", Feb.24

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IE-OPIM Joint Research Seminar Series 2009-20101

1 Co-organizers: Murat Kaya (IE) mkaya@sabanciuniv.edu, Çağrı Haksöz (OPIM) cagrihaksoz@sabanciuniv.edu

A Universal Appointment Rule for a Single Server System in Outpatient Care with Walk-ins and No-shows

Tuğba Çayırlı, Özyeğin University


This study introduces a practical appointment rule for computing appointment times, given the clinic parameters. The appointment rule is presented as a mathematical function of the most important environmental factors identified in earlier studies, namely, probabilities of no-shows and walk-ins, number of patients seen per session, coefficient of variation of service times and relative cost of doctor's time to patient's time. Using simulation and regression analysis, we derive an association between the rule parameters and environmental factors to minimize the total cost of patients' waiting time, doctor's idle time and doctor's overtime. The proposed rule is flexible for including patient classification, if preferred. Our study also addresses a void in the literature for explicit adjustments of the combined effects of no shows and walk-ins. The results suggest that the proposed adjustment of the mean service time, standard deviation of service time and number


Tuğba Çayırlı (Assistant Professor of Operations Management at Özyeğin University)

Dr. Çayırlı received her BA in Business Administration (1992) from Boğaziçi University, MBA (2002), and PhD in Operations Management (2004) from The City University of New York. She has taught undergraduate and graduate management courses at Bernard M. Baruch College and Hofstra University in New York. Dr. Çayırlı’s research interests include service operations and healthcare applications of management science. Her work has been published in the Production and Operations Management Journal and Health Care Management Science. She received an award for the distinguished paper in service management track in 2004 and the Doctoral Dissertation Honorable Mention Award in 2005 from the Decision Sciences Institute.

 February 24th Wednesday, 13:40-14:40, FENS G032