G. Yaralıoğlu; "Applications of MEMS Technologies", 8.9.2010, 13:40
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  • G. Yaralıoğlu; "Applications of MEMS Technologies", 8.9.2010, 13:40

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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences


Applications of MEMS Technologies

Göksen Yaralıoğlu, Invensense, CA, USA


Abstract: MEMS technologies gained a lot of momentum over the last two decades. This seminar focuses on various applications of MEMS technologies. In the first part capacitive transducers that were developed for medical imaging will be introduced. Modeling efforts for these transducers and a new application of the technology for chem-bio sensing will be presented. For sensing applications, an array of resonating membranes was used as a sensing element. Array configuration reduces false positives dramatically. In the second part, research in the microfluidic area will be presented. Integrated transducers with micro channels enabled new capabilities for detection and actuation. These transducers can measure various properties of the fluids in very small channels and they can be used for actuation purposes such as mixing, switching and cell lysing. In the last part, an overview of MEMS devices in the consumer market will be given and major drivers such as cost, time to market and performance with the implications on MEMS design will be discussed. Future research directions will conclude the seminar.

Bio: Göksen Yaralıoğlu is currently with a start-up company where he joined as a Senior MEMS design engineer. His job responsibilities included design of high performance, low cost inertial sensors. He is currently directing test development activities for MEMS devices. Prior to his current position, he worked as a research associate at Stanford University where he performed research on various MEMS technologies. His research included capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers, acoustics wave generation using MEMS transducers, microfluidic channels with integrated transducers, ejectors for direct write applications of photoresist and biomolecules, gas sensors for chemical detection, and atomic force microscopy. He received his Ph.D. degree from Bilkent University in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He authored/coauthored more than 30 journal papers, 100 conference articles and contributed to 3 book chapters. He is holding 5 patents.  
August 9, 2010, 13:40, FENS 2019