Ontological Exploitation of Smantics in Video Surveillance
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  • Ontological Exploitation of Smantics in Video Surveillance

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Ontological Exploitation of Smantics in Video Surveillance

Carles Fernandez

Abstract: During the last years, traditional video surveillance techniques have considerably enriched their capabilities due to research in Cognitive Vision Systems. These systems can interpret complex occurrences observed in restricted environments, and eventually communicate with end-users to describe these contents. We present a cognitive framework that uses ontologies to guide and centralize the semantic interpretation of video events. The ontological foundations of this framework facilitate HCI by means of a multilingual generation of reports, Q&A interfaces, and synthetic graphical representations of such contents.

Bio: Carles Fernandez is a Telecommunications engineer specialized in Computational Linguistics. He is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at the CVC in UAB. He is very interested in all kinds of research, both technical and humanistic, and especially in how to make things from different fields work together. His research is devoted to multidisciplinarity, creativity, and fully-motivating environments trying to join Computational Linguistics, Knowledge Engineering, and Computer Vision in the interesting objectives of Hermes and Vidi-Video projects. His research interests are Natural Language interfaces, Synthetic Speech, Ontological engineering.


05 October 2010, 16:00- 17:00, L062