E.B. Ünal; De Novo Peptide Design Strategies , Oct. 20, 13:40, L061
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  • E.B. Ünal; De Novo Peptide Design Strategies , Oct. 20, 13:40, L061

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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

De novo Peptide Design Strategies

Evrim Besray Ünal, Koç University

Abstract: The comutational inhibitor design focus is currently changing from small molecules to peptides. As the research in the area is recent, there is not enough data about the high-quality rational design methods, the properties of superior peptide inhibitors, or the limits for the binding energy of peptide inhibitors to their target proteins. The common properties of peptide inhibitors are needed to be investigated and novel strategies for the peptide design problem are necessary. First specifically, the known peptide inhibitors are examined and their entropic, energetic properties are determined; the information of protein data banks is studied in order to determine the thermodynamic properties of the known protein sequences. Novel peptides are designed for several target proteins via implementing the genetic and Viterbi algorithms. Up to date, we are able to design peptides that selectively bind to fibroblast growth factor receptor, NFkB, human growth hormone and erythropoietin proteins. The techniques are being applied to other protein models. Our de novo peptide design algorithms will be available as web-servers for public use. The aim is to design peptides that can either act as inhibitors or that can be used in biotechnology area.

Bio: Evrim Besray Unal graduated from Bogazici University Molecular Biology and Genetics Department in  2004. She received her masters degree and receiving her PhD degree from Computational Sciences and Engineering Department at Koc University. Her research interests are focused on computer aided peptide design and drug design.

Oct. 20, 2010, 13:40, FENS L061