K. Richter; "Classical Orbit Correlations and Quantum...", Nov. 23
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  • K. Richter; "Classical Orbit Correlations and Quantum...", Nov. 23

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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Classical orbit correlations and quantum universality at mesoscopic scales

Prof. Klaus Richter
Regensburg University
Chair, Institute for Theoretical Physics

A chaotic classical system is characterized by apparently random, ergodic phase space flow. However, a closer inspection shows that (periodic) orbits in chaotic systems are not independent but appear in bundles exhibiting strong classical correlations. While hidden in
classical dynamics, these correlations are revealed through constructive interference in the corresponding quantum system. I will introduce an advanced semiclassical path integral approach to demonstrate that such correlations are responsible for the universal behavior exhibited by quantum systems with a chaotic classical limit. Thereby I will provide a microscopic understanding of random matrix theory predictions for this universal behavior. This is relevant for spectral statistics but moreover in particular for scattering at  mesoscopic scales. I will address applications of the semiclassical theory to mesoscopic quantum transport and so-called Andreev billiards.

November 23, 2010, 14:40, FENS L035