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Serkan Unal, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Scientist
Bayer MaterialScience LLC
Pittsburgh, PA USA
Bayer MaterialScience (BMS) is one of the leading producers of polymers and highperformance
plastics worldwide. Its innovative and sustainable technologies based on
polyurethane and polycarbonate chemistries that serve automotive, electrical and
electronics, construction, medical, sports and leisure industries significantly enhance the
quality of our lives. In addition to these technologies, BMS has recently focused on
emerging markets such as personal care, medical coatings, functional films and carbon
Since their discovery in early 1990s, carbon nanotubes have attracted great attention in
the area of material science due to their unique mechanical, electrical and thermal
properties combined with their nanoscale size, high aspect ratio and low density. In 2010,
reaching a capacity of 200 ton/year, BMS has become the largest manufacturer of multiwalled
carbon nanotubes (Baytubes®) globally. This seminar will be a review of the
industrial scale production of carbon nanotubes and latest R&D efforts including their
chemical modification and characterization methods at BMS. In addition, examples of
application areas explored by BMS such as carbon nanotube reinforced composite
materials, electrically conductive polymeric materials and higher efficiency lithium ion
battery electrodes will be presented.