1 June Wednesday, 13:40-15:30, FENS G032
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  • 1 June Wednesday, 13:40-15:30, FENS G032

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Manipulation and analysis of a single magnetic impurity  in semiconductors by STM

Paul Koenraad

COBRA, Eindhoven University of Technology, P.O.Box 513, 5600 MB, The Netherlands

Email: p.m.koenraad@tue.nl

We have shown that by using Cross-sectional Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (X-STM) one can controllably ionize single impurities [1] and spatially resolve the shape of the wavefunction of a single hole or electron bound to an impurity atom [2]. Such information is very valuable as it allows a direct identification of the character of the electronic state and its interaction with the environment which, for instance, can be strained or involve magnetic fields. The X-STM topographic and spectroscopic measurements were performed at room temperature and low (4.2 K) temperature in UHV at the cleaved (110) surface of III/V semiconductor nanostructured materials. In this presentation I will review our results on wave function imaging of single impurities with a different chemical nature [2], strained impurities [3], impurities in self-assembled InAs quantum dots [4] and magnetic impurities in a strong magnetic field. The measurements will be compared with the results obtained by envelope function effective mass model (EFM) and tight binding model (TBM) calculations.




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