A.Akgiray; 24 Aug,Design and measurements of Wideband Amplifiers...
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  • A.Akgiray; 24 Aug,Design and measurements of Wideband Amplifiers...

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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
Seminar Announcement

Design and Measurements of Wideband, Near-Constant Beamwidth Quad-ridge Horn Feeds and Very Low Noise Cryogenic Amplifiers for Radio Telescopes

Ahmed Akgiray,
Sander Weinreb, California Institute of Technology

In the first part of this talk, we will present three quad-ridged, flared horns achieving nearly constant beamwidth and excellent return loss over frequency bandwidths approaching one decade. Radiation pattern measurements show excellent beamwidth stability and measured return loss is > 10 dB over the entire band. Predicted system performance on a radio telescope will be presented. The second part of the talk will focus on ongoing wideband low-noise amplifier work at Caltech employing HEMT and SiGe transistors with record cryogenic noise performance.

Short bio:
Ahmed Akgiray received the B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering at Cornell University in 2005, and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, in 2007, with a thesis entitled “Calibration of Jicamarca Radar Using F-region Incoherent Scatter For Measurements of D-region Backscatter RCS.”
He, then, joined the Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he worked from May 2007 to May 2010. His responsibilities included lead RF/Microwave test engineer role for Transmit/Receive Modules of the landing radar of the Mars Science Laboratory (due to be launched in 2011) in addition to co-designing frequency synthesizer assembly of the Soil Moisture Active and Passive (SMAP) satellite radar. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree at the California Institute of Technology focusing on wideband antenna and LNA development.

August 24, 2011, 10:40, FENS L048