Stable, Scalable, Decentral. P2P File Sharing with non-altruistic peers
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  • Stable, Scalable, Decentral. P2P File Sharing with non-altruistic peers

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P2P systems provide a scalable solution for distributing large files in a network.  The file is split into many chunks,and peers contact other peers to collect missing chunks to eventually complete the entire file.  The so-called`rare chunk' phenomenon, where a single chunk becomes rare and prevents peers from completing the file, is a threat to the stability of such systems.  Practical systems such as BitTorrent overcome this issue by requiring a global search for therare chunk, which necessitates a centralized mechanism.  We demonstrate a new system based on anapproximate rare-chunk rule, allowing for completely distributed file sharing while retaining scalability and stability.We assume non-altruistic peers and the seed is required to make only a minimal contribution.

Biography :

Barlas Oguz graduated from Bilkent University in 2007 where he completed his undergraduate studies in Electrical Engineering.  He went on to continue his studies at the University of California Berkeley, where he is currently pursuing his PhD.  His current research interests include probability theory and stochastic processes with applications in information theory and communication networks.  Specifically, he is developing  new models for network traffic and information sources that exhibit heavy dependence over time and investigating the consequences of this dependence in contrast to more traditional models.

Seminar by Barlas Oguz, "Stable, Scalable, Decentral. P2P File Sharing with non-altruistic peers"

21 September 2011,13:30-15:00, Wednesday, FENS L032