Dr. Isa Kiyat, 28 September, 14:40-15:30 at FASS G022
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  • Dr. Isa Kiyat, 28 September, 14:40-15:30 at FASS G022

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"Nanogap Electrode Device Fabrication for Bio/Nano-Electronics Applications"


My  talk  will start with a brief overview of  research done at James
Watt Nanofabrication Center, University of Glasgow. Then I will talk
about  an   interdisciplinary  research   project    called    M-MOS                                         (Molecular- metaloxide   nanoelectronics)   that   brings   together
engineers, chemists and physicists across the university. We are
developing new pathways to integrate a special breed of inorganic
molecules called polyoxometalates(POMs) to CMOS electronics as active
circuit elements. POMS are metal-oxide cage-like clusters that can be
implanted  with some ions for extra functionality. Here,  we  propose
using  inorganic molecular  systems like  POMs to achieve a  better
integration    as    they   are    inherently   more   compatible   with
silicon-dioxide(main dielectric used in silicon electronics). My  talk
will concentrate on fabrication issues of nanogap electrode arrays and
their use for probing POMs. I will also talk about a novel fabrication
method to achieve embedded coplanar nanogap electrode arrays.


University of Glasgow

28 September, 14:40-15:30 at FASS G022