Agent Based Simulation Object-Oriented Discrete Event Simulation or What
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IE Grad Seminar
Dr. Murat M. Günal – Turkish Naval Academy

“Agent Based Simulation: Object-Oriented Discrete Event Simulation or What?”
Agent Based Simulation (ABS) is a very popular simulation method in Operational Research
community nowadays. Its popularity is due to its power in modelling individual behaviour of entities
in a system. In ABS, the analyst can observe the effects of local information perceived by individuals
in a community. Although ABS is introduced as a brand-new modelling method, some believe that it
is derived from Discrete Event Simulation (DES). In DES, there are entities, as in ABS, and entities are
directed by the rules defined in the processes or in the events of the system that are being modelled.
In ABS, the rules are embedded in the entity, so that the entity, so called “agent”, can make its own
In this talk, we will firstly introduce ABS method and secondly take a look at the philosophy behind
ABS and DES. The talk will continue with exploring their application domains and introducing a
research agenda.
Dr. Murat M. Günal
Dr. Murat Günal is currently working as an assistant professor at the
Industrial Engineering Department of the Turkish Naval Academy. He
completed his MSc in Operational Research and PhD in Management
Science at Lancaster University in U.K. in 2000 and 2008 respectively.
In between his studies, he worked as O.R. analyst at the Decision
Support Department of the Navy. His main research interest is
simulation modelling for better decision making. He developed many
simulation models in many domains including healthcare, military,
and logistics. He is also interested in simulation methodologies and
their use for optimisation. He is in the editorial board of the “Journal
of Simulation” and is an area editor of newly arriving journal “Health
October 19, 2011, Wednesday @ 13:40pm @ FENS G032