“Length-of-Stay and Optimal Portfolio of Surgical Procedures”
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  • “Length-of-Stay and Optimal Portfolio of Surgical Procedures”

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IE-OPIM Joint Seminar
Dr. Lerzan Örmeci – Koç University

“Length-of-Stay and Optimal Portfolio of Surgical Procedures”
In this study we provide analytical insights on how to optimally allocate hospital operating capacity
between various types of elective surgical procedures. Our focus is on the interaction between
utilizing hospital beds and operating room capacity which are the major constraining resources. In
our model, each procedure type has an associated revenue, deterministic case duration, and
stochastic length of stay which is the time it takes for patients to recover and leave the hospital; we
consider arbitrary distributions for length of stay in this paper. The surgeries performed today affect
the availability of hospital beds for the following days in this setting. We describe the optimal mix of
procedures in the presence of a service-level constraint on hospital beds, an operating room capacity
constraint, and procedure demand constraints.
This is a joint work with Hessam Bavafa and Prof. Sergei Savin.
Dr. Lerzan Örmeci
Dr. Lerzan Örmeci is an Associate Professor in the Department of
Industrial Engineering at Koç University, Istanbul. She received her
B.S. and M.S. degrees in Industrial Engineering from Middle East
Technical University and her Ph. D. degree in Operations Research
from Case Western Reserve University. She worked as a research
fellow in the Stochastic Networks Group of EURANDOM, a European
research institute located at Technical University of Eindhoven, The
Netherlands. She visited the Department of Operations and
Information Management at Wharton School in University of
Pennsylvania in 2010 on her sabbatical leave. Her research interests
include modeling and analyzing health care systems, call centers and
marketing applications.

October 26, 2011, Wednesday @ 13:40pm @ FENS G032