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Biology seminar

Speaker: Dr. Gözde Özaydın İnce

Location: FENS- L065

Time: Wednesday, October 26th at 1:40 PM.



Surface modifications using responsive polymer thin films are widely used in biotechnology, semiconductor industry or as active parts of chemical sensors.  Response of these surfaces to external stimuli can be controlled by optimizing the chemical composition of the polymer coatings. However, such an extensive control of the film properties is challenging using traditional thin film deposition techniques. 

In this talk a novel technique of initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition (iCVD) will be presented as a method to deposit responsive polymer thin films on a wide range of substrates. Deposition on membranes with high aspect ratio pores enables to fabricate highly swellable, well-ordered arrays of stimuli responsive polymer nanotubes keeping the chemical moieties of the monomers intact. Effects of deposition parameters on the degree of swelling and adsorption of proteins on the polymeric nanotubes are discussed. Furthermore, the good control of the chemical composition and the physical properties of these nanotubes enable to deposit coaxial nanotubes with both layers of stimuli responsive polymers.