X-ray sources: a primer
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  • X-ray sources: a primer

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M.H.J. Koch

Department of Chemistry

Division of Molecular and Nanomaterials

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

X-ray sources: a primer

The lecture is intended to give basic information about X-ray sources to potential users of X-rays in biophysics and materials science. A few notions like interference, coherence and spectral brightness will first be introduced followed by a simple explanation of light and X-ray scattering starting from basic principles (the electric field due to a moving charge). This leads to a simple explanation of the operation of conventional X-ray sources, and more especially of the Bremsstrahlung, and will be followed by a brief history of the long search for brighter X-ray sources. The operation of synchrotron radiation X-ray sources in storage rings (bending magnets, insertion devices) and the properties of the radiation will then be introduced with a minimum of mathematical formalism. A brief survey of the most recent developments in X-ray free electron lasers and compact synchrotron radiation sources will complete this introduction.

November 2nd 2011, FENS L065, 13:40