Housekeeping with Multiple Autonomous Robots
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Housekeeping with Multiple Autonomous Robots: Representation,
Reasoning and Execution

Erdi Aker
Sabanci University

Housekeeping domain with multiple cleaning robots is challenging
from various aspects: 1) commonsense knowledge representation and
reasoning (e.g., a robot should know that, in a tidy house, books are normally
in the bookcase); 2) representing (discrete) actions that require (continuous)
geometric reasoning for a collision-free execution; 3) collaboration of multiple
autonomous robots to achieve a common task (e.g., when and how to get
help from another robot to move a heavy object); 4) recovering from
plan failures during execution. We address these challenges by representing
this domain in the action language C+, and using the causal reasoner
CCalc. We also introduce a planning and monitoring algorithm for safe
execution of the plans computed by CCalc, so that it can recover from plan
failures due to collision with movable objects whose presence and location
are not known in advance or due to heavy objects that cannot be lifted alone.
We illustrate the applicability of this algorithm with a simulation of a
housekeeping domain. This is joint work with Esra Erdem, Ahmetcan Erdogan
and Volkan Patoglu.

November 16, 2011 at 13:40