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MAT Program Fall 2011 Seminar Series
Soft Matter Under External Control
H.B. (Burak) ERAL

Physics of Complex Fluids Group, University of Twente, The Netherlands
The ability to manipulate Soft Matter not only provides opportunities to improve our understanding
of fundamental physical phenomena, but also initiates ideas for developing advanced materials.
External control strategies utilizing electric and magnetic fields, microfluidics i.e. hydrodynamics,
confinement, manipulation of particle-particle interactions can be evoked to tune the interplay
between the structure and the dynamics for both equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium Soft Matter
systems. In this talk, ideas to manipulate Soft Matter “in general” with a focus on colloidal
suspensions, emulsions and applications in biological soft matter will be communicated. The talk will
aim to touch both capillarity and confinement based manipulation of Soft Matter. Evoking the
capillarity phenomena and utilizing electric fields, firstly, we present a fundamental study of wetting
morphologies of a drop on a cylindrical fiber which lead to inspiration of advanced fibrous materials
with novel wetting properties (Fig.1). Secondly, we demonstrate how the undesirable pattern
formation in evaporating droplets so called “coffee stains” can be suppressed which leads to
immerse improvement in efficiency of bioanalytical methods such as microarrays and MALDI-MS*.
Beyond capillarity, a systematic study of concentrated colloidal suspension under confinement will
be presented.

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*MALDI-MS stands for Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectroscopy: a workhorse method in proteomics and biochemistry.

Drop on a fiber: ; Suppression of Coffee stain