Input Contract Testing of Graphical User Interfaces
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  • Input Contract Testing of Graphical User Interfaces

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Sabancı University
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
CS Seminar

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 13:40

Input Contract Tes/ng of Graphical User Interfaces

Tugkan Tuglular
Izmir Institute of Technology

User inputs are cri-cal for the security, safety,and reliability of software systems. This work proposes a model-­based tes-ng approach for detec-ng viola-ons of user input contracts,which isan integral part of a design‐by-­contract-­supplemented development process. The approach generates test cases froma contract and graph-­‐based model of input specifica-ons and applies them to the
system underconsidera-on. A proof-of-­concept tool that has been developed and used to validate
the approach by experiments on a case study will be presented as well.