Network Construction, Analysis and Visualizations in Biomedicine
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  • Network Construction, Analysis and Visualizations in Biomedicine

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Our speaker tomorrow is Dr Zeynep Gumus from Cornell Medical School.

Date:JAN 4, 2012
Location: FENS L035

Network Construction, Analysis and Visualizations in Biomedicine

In order to computationally simulate and predict the behavior of a
network, a complete and accurate blueprint of the system is necessary.
However, often this kind of comprehensive information is not known and
not possible to obtain. I will present an integrated experimental and
computational approach we have designed to identify the key cellular
components of a network, specifically to discover those that either
contribute to or drive therapeutic synergy of drug combinations in
cancer treatment. The approach includes (i) quantification of drug
synergy in high throughput transcriptome experiments, (ii) data-driven
Reverse Engineering and Forward Simulation technology to develop an in
silico model predictive of drug synergy, and (iii) utilization of
databases of interaction and functional information in hypothesis
generation that are validated experimentally in a final step (iv).  I
will illustrate this approach with an application to the analysis of
transcriptome changes in cells exposed to the synergistic anticancer
drug combination of farnesyl transferase inhibitors (FTIs) combined
with taxanes in ovarian cancer treatment.

Finally, I will present a new technology my group is developing in
immersive 3D visualization of networks, from the level of the brain to
the bio-molecules to aid in disease therapy and drug discovery.