Frugal Way

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BIO- IE- MAT-ME- OPIM Joint Seminar
Özge Akbulut – Sabancı University
March 21, 2012, Wednesday @ 13:40pm @ FENS G029 (Tentative location)


“Frugal Way” *
—an interactive talk on how to do frugal science from a novice who aspires to be rich and
famous—There is a new trend in science that credits frugality to have impact on society. The
end-products of frugal science are simple, cheap, functional, and easy-to-use such that people
with little knowledge on science/engineering can use them.
I will exemplify the subject with my own and my colleagues’ work in the Whitesides Group at
Harvard University. The showcases for this talk include using magnetic levitation to analyze
food and beverages [1], density-based separation of cells in self-assembled gradients [2], a
colorimetric liver function test on paper [3], soft robots [4], and a large area microfabrication
technique that uses a printed transparency as a mask.
[3 ]
* "The Frugal Way", Whitesides, G.M., The Economist - The World in 2012, 2011, Dec-11.
Özge Akbulut
Özge Akbulut received her B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering Program at Sabancı University, Istanbul,
Turkey, and Ph.D. degree in the same field from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge.
Dr. Akbulut worked as a post-doctoral fellow in the Whitesides Group at Harvard University (2009-2011) before
joining Sabancı University. Dr. Akbulut’s main research interests are medical diagnostic devices,
micro/nanofabrication, and simple/easy-to-use toolboxes.