Recent Technology Trends in Automotive Industry
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Recent Technology Trends in Automotive Industry

Automotive is one of the most active industries in the word, not only due to the large interest to the cars but also complex engineering nature of the vehicles requires a lot of research and development. During this talk, current research topics and trends in automotive technology will be presented with example projects. Special emphasis will be laid on Selective Catalytic Conversion (SCR) since this is the hottest topic in Diesel engine field.

Dr. Selim Yannier

Selim Yannier graduated from Galatasaray Lisesi (1997) and then received his B.S. degree in Physics with honors from Middle East Technical University in Fall 2001. He then began his M.S. studies at the Mechatronics Engineering Program, Sabanci University in Spring 2001 and completed in Spring 2002. Dr. Yannier has completed his Ph.D. studies at the same institution in Spring 2008. He has published several articles both in Turkish and English.

During studies, he worked as a part time Technical Supporter and Software Developer in different national and international companies between 1993 and 2000. Since June 2010 he is working as a Senior Systems Control Engineer in AVL Research and Engineering, Turkey.