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IE-ME-OPIM Joint Seminar
Alper Barut
ESARJ Electric Vehicle Charging Systems
May 16, 2012, Wednesday @ 13:40pm @ FENS G029

“The Future of Sustainable Mobility: Electric Vehicles”
 PESTEL Analysis on Electric Vehicles
 E-Mobility Value Chain
 Charging Infrastructure
 Forecasts and Expectations
Alper Barut

Mr. Alper Barut has a B.S. in Manufacturing Systems and Industrial Engineering from Sabanci University and an M.B.A from Imperial College London. After working on renewable energy industry, he founded Esarj Electric Vehicle Charging Systems and the company is the single distributor of Efacec in Turkey, Cyprus, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Republic of Georgia, Azerbaijan and strategic partner of Renault on EV business in Turkey.
Esarj Electric Vehicle Charging Systems
Esarj is established to be a leader in the rapidly developing electric vehicles charging business. Mission of Esarj is:
To supply wide range of charging stations that allows all-purpose electric vehicle charging.
To perform the installation of electric vehicle charging points requested by the customer.
To be national network operator of charging stations and via network management system to provide charging solutions at every point.
The company website is