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Basics of academic/research based entrepreneurship: Meet Inovent

by Omer Hiziroglu, General Manager of Inovent

13 June, FENS G029 14:00-16:00

Inovent will lead a compact workshop on the commercialization strategies of the output of academic research conducted within Sabancı University.

The aim is to provide a general approach on how to commercialize University based technologies, including how to launch your own University supported start up.

We will start with a short introduction on how to protect the intellectual property coming out of your research, classic strategies of commercialization (licensing vs. Start up) and will follow on the tools that are available within the university for licensing and start up creation including the functions of the TTO and Inovent within the Sabancı ecosystem. We will conclude this workshop with an outline of what Inovent is, how it can assist you in setting up your company and practical considerations to keep in mind when you want to set up your company.