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Dear All,

Next week, we will be hosting a distinguished guest from the University of Western Australia, Prof. Hans Lambers. He will deliver a presentation with the title:

“Preparing your results for publication: Maximising your chances to get your manuscript rapidly accepted”

Prof. Hans Lambers is the first or co-author of over 275 papers. Since 2001, he is on ISI’s “highly cited authors” list. He edited 10 books and wrote the textbook “Plant Physiological Ecology”. He is or was a member of editorial boards of several international plant science journals including “Physiologia Plantarum”, “Plant & Cell and Environment”, “Functional Plant Biology” and “Tree Physiology”. Moreover, he is the editor-in-chief of “Plant and Soil”.

His talk will be interesting for all scientists who want to improve their skills in writing articles. You can find the necessary info and a short biography of Prof. Lambers below:


Prof. Hans Lambers was born in the Netherlands and completed his undergraduate degree in biology in 1976. During his PhD studies which he completed in 1979, he worked on plant respiration and effects of flooding. As a post-doc, he studied various aspects of carbon and nitrogen metabolism and transport in plants at the University of Western Australia, Melbourne University and Australian National University. In 1985, he was offered the chair in Ecophysiology at Utrecht Universitry, where he supervised 28 theses about plant respiration and the physiology of plant growth rate and productivity. Currently, he is working in the School of Plant Biology at the University of Western Australia.