Quantum networks with single defect centers in diamond
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  • Quantum networks with single defect centers in diamond

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Physics Seminar

Alp Sipahigil, Department of Physics, Harvard University

Title: Quantum networks with single defect centers in diamond

Date/Time:  Aug. 01 Wednesday @ 10:40

Place:  SUNUM building, room G111


The interference of two identical photons impinging on a beamsplitter leads
to perfect coalescence where both photons leave through the same output
port. This fundamental effect, known as Hong-Ou-Mandel (HOM) interference,
is a consequence of bosonic statistics for indistinguishable particles. HOM
interference has recently drawn attention as a resource for entanglement
generation between distinct single-photon emitters with many potential
applications in quantum information science. In our work, we demonstrated
quantum interference of two photons produced by nitrogen-vacancy (NV)
impurities in distinct diamond samples separated by two meters.
Complementing the recent work involving other solid-state systems , the
present solid-state realization is particularly significant, since
electronic and nuclear spins associated with NV centers can be used as a
robust solid-state qubit memory, yielding potential scalable architectures
for quantum networks. I will present our results on HOM interference and
ongoing work toward entangling two NV centers which may allow the
realization of solid-state, multi-node quantum networks.

Contact: Zafer Gedik gedik@sabanciuniv.edu