MAT-ME Joint Seminar on Friday, August 31
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  • MAT-ME Joint Seminar on Friday, August 31

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Nanomolecularly-tailored nanobulk materials and interfaces for energy and electronics

Prof. Ganpati Ramanath
Materials Science and Engineering Department, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY 12180, USA.
I will first describe a microwave-solvothermal synthesis strategy to realize high efficiency thermoelectric
nanomaterials of V-VI semiconductors, and refractory oxides, from molecularly-sculpted nanocrystals
with 0.01-5 at.% impurity doping. Electron microscopy and spectroscopy, and theoretical modeling,
provide insights into electronic- and nanostructure-level mechanisms that underpin property
enhancements up to 250%. I will highlight the implication of these findings on emerging solid-state
refrigeration and waste-heat harvesting technologies. In the second part of my talk, I will illustrate the use
of nanomolecular layers to study and manipulate functional and structural properties of metal-ceramic
heterointerfaces. I will illustrate the effects of the nature and strength of interfacial bonding between the
nanomolecular layer and the adjoining materials, on the interface stability, fracture toughness and thermal
conductance, and the correlations between these properties. Our findings pave way for molecular-level
design and engineering of interfaces for realizing novel nanomaterials, composites, devices and systems
for applications.

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