Physics Seminar October 10th Wednesday
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  • Physics Seminar October 10th Wednesday

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Speaker:      Prof. Joseph Gelfand, New York University

Title:               Using Pulsar Wind Nebulae to Study Neutron Formation and Particle Acceleration

Date/Time:    October 10th, Wednesday @ 14:40-15:30

Place:             SUNUM building, room G111


A large majority of core-collapse supernovae are believed to produce a neutron stars, whose properties are determined in the progenitor explosion.  The spin-down of this neutron star powers a relativistic electron / positron outflow in which particles are somehow accelerated to extremely high energies.  This outflow inflates a pulsar wind nebula into its surroundings, whose properties are sensitive to the properties of the central neutron star, the pulsar wind, and its environment.  In this talk, I will discuss how, by studying the properties of a pulsar wind nebula inside a supernova remnant, one can begin to understand the relationship between neutron stars and their progenitors as well as the acceleration mechanism in pulsar winds.

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