Energetic materials inside of Turkey
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"Energetic materials inside of Turkey"

Abstract - Sovereign technological developments relating to energetic materials in Turkey appear to have been hampered by a lack of sufficient scientific experience, long-term goals and perhaps the attractive convenience of procuring essential materials from abroad. Thankfully, a turning point has been realized over the past ten years in the sense that Turkish research institutions have re-doubled their efforts to develop some of the missing and vital know-how. In this talk, the development of two energetic materials will be discussed. In each case, synthetic strategies have been devised, which rest only on starting materials that are locally available. One is the insensitive high explosive/fuel NTO, and the second is a nitrate-based pyrotechnic formulation. It is hoped that this presentation might offer an opportunity to examine the important interplay of concepts such as chemical synthesis, chemical & materials engineering, and industrial up-scaling.