SUNUM - Shuttling Transition metals to tomorrow's materials
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  • SUNUM - Shuttling Transition metals to tomorrow's materials

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In this era of portability and rapid technological advances, polymers are more than ever under pressure to offer tailored property profiles. And the major challenge facing world industry involves the development of more specific, energy saving processes with less environmental impact. The recent developments in metal-organic systems may prove the milestones in achieving these goals. In this presentation, I am going to talk about a polyolefin catalyst, a novel Group IV based initiator system capable of unprecedented polymeric structures which offer the possibility of functionalization through polymer-analogous reactions. In the second part, the lecture will focus on porous-coordination polymers (metal-organic frameworks which have received considerable attention in recent years as a new class of porous materials with exceptionally high specific surface area and pore volume, rendering them as highly promising materials for applications in gas storage for energy applications, separation, catalysis, selective recognition as well as biological fields such as drug delivery.