Spatial and object visualization in different professions
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  • Spatial and object visualization in different professions

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Title: "Spatial and object visualization in different professions"

Abstract: The talk will present the research investigating the differences between spatial visualization
(representation and processing of spatial relations, locations, and performing spatial transformations) and object visualization (representation and processing pictorial properties of objects such as shape, color, and texture) in different professional fields. In particular, this research investigated the relationship between performance on various measures of visual-object and visual-spatial abilities, and areas of specialization (visual art/design, natural science/engineering and humanities/social science). Next, it examined qualitative differences in approaches to interpreting visual abstract information between visual artists, scientists and humanities professionals. Finally, it investigated qualitative differences in visual-object versus visual-spatial processing by examining how members of different professions generate, transform, inspect, and manipulate visual images.

Bio: Olesya Blazhenkova graduated from Moscow State University (Russia) with MS in Psychology
and from Rutgers State University (USA) with MA in Psychology. She received her Ph.D. from
George Mason University (USA), and worked as a postdoctoral research fellow at National University of Singapore (Singapore). Her research focuses on individual differences in visualization abilities and styles, from both theoretical and applied perspectives. Olesya investigates the dissociation between different types of visualization among individuals of different ages and specializations.  She has conducted studies with children, college students and members of different professions that involved group, individual, quantitative and qualitative assessment.