Integration of Genomic and Proteomic Data in a Data Warehouse
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Dear all,

Please join us for the following seminar.

Title  : Integration of Genomic and Proteomic Data
         in a Data Warehouse to Comprehensive Search
Speaker: Arif Canakoglu (Politecnico di Milano)
Date   : Jan 02, 2013
Time   : 13:40
Place  : FENS L035

Please find below the abstract of the talk and a short bio of our speaker.

Kind regards, and a happy new year...


The growing available genomic and proteomic information gives new
opportunities for novel research approaches and biomedical discoveries
through effective data management and analysis support. Integration and
comprehensive evaluation of available controlled data can highlight
information patterns leading to unveil new biomedical knowledge. For
this purpose, the University Politecnico di Milano is developing a
software framework to create and maintain a Genomic and Proteomic Data
Warehouse (GPDW) that integrates information from 13 databanks: Entrez
Gene, Homologene, IPI, MINT, IntAct, Expasy Enzyme, GO, GOA, BioCyc,
KEGG, Reactome, eVOC and OMIM on the basis of a conceptual data model
that relates molecular entities and biomedical features. It adopts a
modular integrated data schema and several metadata to describe the
integrated data, their sources and their location in the GPDW.

Genomic and Proteomic Knowledge Base (GPKB) is a web interface to the
data warehouse which is publicly available at . The GPKB web
application leverages the metadata and modular schema of the GPDW to
automatically compose an efficient SQL query, run it on the GPDW and
show the extracted requested data.

In this seminar, we will talk about the GPDW data warehouse and its framework and then there will be a demonstration of GPKB web user interface.

Arif Canakoglu received the bachelor degree in computer engineering in
2006 from Bogazici University, Turkey and the Master Degree in computer
engineering in 2010 from Politecnico di Milano, Italy and now he is a
PhD Student at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy. His research interests
are in the areas of bioinformatics data integration and distributed
access to heterogeneous data through Service Oriented Architectures and
Web Service composition, in order to support answering complex
biomedical questions requiring comprehensive analysis of multiple
heterogeneous data.