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Outcome Review of the IRG Project “Towards Intelligent, Interactive, Personalized Robot-Assisted Physical Rehabilitation”

Esra Erdem and Volkan Patoglu

We will review the outcomes of our internal research project entitled ``Towards an Intelligent, Interactive and Personalized Robot-Assisted Physical Rehabilitation’’. In this project, we have conducted studies mainly on design of rehabilitation robots for upper and lower extremities, safe control methods for physical human-robot collaboration, integration of high-level reasoning and low-level controls, ontological reasoning for physical rehabilitation, and intelligent and interactive serious game design for personalized rehabilitation robotics. The interdisciplinary nature of the project has also led to studies in several new domains, such as cognitive factories, manipulation planning, service robotics, and multi-path planning.

This is a nontechnical, project outcome review talk required by IRG Procedure No. PRG-C470-0401-V02.

March 20, 2013, 13:30, FENS G032