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Safety Related Committees

SU Occupational Health and Safety Commitee

Sabancı University is responsible under the Occupational Health and Safety Act for establishing and maintaining Occupational Health and Safety Commitee.

Commitee meets quarterly

Commitee consists of;

  • Committee President: Haluk Bal
  • Human Resources: Fatma Onat
  • Representative of employee: Ceyhun Fındık
  • Workplace Doctor: Zehra Kalkan
  • Civil Defence Expert: Atilla Uzuner
  • Occ.Safety Specialist: Ahmet Baran Hakan
  • Adnan İnce(FENS Administrative Affairs Manager)
  • Bilge Yerdelen(FENS Laboratory Safety Specialist)
  • Burak Birkan(SUNUM Facility Manager)
  • İnci Ceydeli(FASS Administrative Affairs Manager)
  • Onur Aksay(Operational and Technical Serivces Director
  • Sibel Pürçüklü (FENS Laboratory Specialist)
  • Tuğba Baytekin Birkan (FENS Laboratory Specialist)
  • Tuğçe Akkaş (Visiting Researcher)

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