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Faculty Member
Faculty Member
Ph.D.(2006) & M.A.(2005), Princeton University.

B.Sc.(2002), Bogazici University-Istanbul, Turkey
Areas of Interest
Applied probability, statistics, stochastic processes, optimal stopping, stochastic optimal control with applications in finance and engineering
  • Article
    Frenk, Hans and Pourghannad, Behrooz and Sezer, Semih Onur (2017) "A static model in single leg flight airline revenue management", Transportation Science, Vol.51, No.1, 214-232 (SCI)
    Dayanık, Savaş and Sezer, Semih Onur (2016) "Sequential sensor installation for Wiener disorder detection", Mathematics of Operations Research, Vol.41, No.3, 827-850 (SCI)
    Arslan, Alp Muzaffer and Frenk, Hans and Sezer, Semih Onur (2015) "On the single-leg airline revenue management problem in continuous time", Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, Vol.81, No.1, 27-52 (SCI)
    Dayanık, Savaş and Sezer, Semih Onur (2012) "Multisource Bayesian sequential binary hypothesis testing problem", Annals of Operations Research, Vol.201, No.1, 99-130 (SCI)
    Ludkovski, Michael and Sezer, Semih Onur (2012) "Finite horizon decision timing with partially observable Poisson processes", Stochastic Models, Vol.28, No.2, 207-247 (SCI)
    Sezer, Semih Onur (2010) "On the Wiener disorder problem", Annals of Applied Probability, Vol.20, No.4, 1537-1566 (SCI)