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FENS Project Researcher
Areas of Interest
RESEARCH AREA KEYWORDS: Dark Matter, Antimatter, Particle Detectors, Space Weather, Radiation Effects.

CURRENT RESEARCH ACTIVITIES: Experimental astroparticle physics, search for dark matter, antimatter of cosmic origin, cosmic ray physics (origin, acceleration, diffusion mehcanisms) and strange matter with AMS (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer) operating on International Space Station since May 2011. Innovative radiation/particle detector design, simulation, realisation and qualification for their use in space. Spaceweather studies, radiation effects on electro mechanical parts and systems and qualifications against ECSS/ESA, JEDEC standards. Proposer, responsible of different R&D projects funded by national (Tubitak, Ministry of Industry and Technology, INFN) and by international bodies (ESA, H2020).