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Modeling and Analysis of Flow and Heat Transfer in a Large

PEM Fuel Cell Suitable for Automotive Applications



Berk Yiğinsu
Energy Technologies and Management with Thesis, MSc. Thesis, 2015


Thesis Jury

Prof. Dr.Serhat Yeşilyurt (Thesis Advisor),Prof.Dr.Yuda Yürüm, Prof.Dr.Ata Muğan



Date & Time: 30th of December, 2015 –  09:00 AM

Place: FENS 2019

Keywords : Fuel Cell, PEMFC, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer




Based on the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) targets, automotive manufacturers realize the necessities to develop new technologies that replace the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). Fuel cells (FC) can be the shining star of ZEV targets. There are several types of fuel cells that can be applicable to transportation. The most convenient type is Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell due to its star up time, cold performance and working temperaturre. The objective of this work is to obtain deeply knowledge on design principles of proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) which could be used in automotive applications. In this thesis; a combination of simulations were carried out and the results analyzed to enhance the understanding of the distribution of flow and temperature of a 400 cm2 flow field PEMFC. A three-dimensional (3D) computational fluid dynamics (CFD) based model was used to predict heat and mass distributions of this design. The effect of flow direction and the cooling pattern on this design were also taken into account to enhance the understanding for this selected flow field design.