ME Seminar

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Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuğrul Tansuğ
Title: Surgical Robots in General Surgery and Its Future Perspectives
Time and Place: February 10, Wednesday 13h40-14h30, FENS G029.
Host: Dr. Meltem Elitaş
Abstract: The advancement of laparoscopic surgery considers not only the devices in the
operating room but also the preoperative arrangements, approaches to the patient,
postoperative care and many other measures. Even surgical training methods had to be
revised. As a result of minimal invasiveness of laparoscopic surgery, patients gained many
benefits such as less pain, smaller scars, shorter hospital stay, and early return to work. On the
other hand, surgeons were concerned about the changes in patterns and rates of
complications, learning curve, limited angle of view, non-ergonomic instruments and less
control on the assistants. Cumulated experience over the decades and development of more
convenient instruments now let the general surgeons perform almost all of the surgical
interventions laparoscopically. Surgical robots provided several advantages to both patients
and surgeons and today robotic assisted minimally invasive surgery is a rapidly emerging field.
The first part of this talk will discuss the similarities and differences in conventional,
laparoscopic and robotic surgery. Examples of changes on patient care, surgical training,and instruments will be given.
The second part of this talk will focus on parts of the commercially available surgical
robots. Its use in the field of general surgery will be explained and personal experience will be presented.
Finally, the third part of this talk will present future perspectives in robotic surgery.
Improving haptic feedback, miniaturizing the robot, the need for developing new parts or new
instruments, integrating with other computer systems, and tele-surgery will be discussed.
Biography: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuğrul Tansuğ, M.D. is a general surgeon concentrated on
minimal invasive surgery. He worked as associate professor of general surgery in Anadolu
Medical Center between December 2010 and January 2016. His main fields of interest are
surgical oncology and bariatric surgery. He is an experienced laparoscopic surgeon and he
started using the surgical robot in his surgeries after “da Vinci Training Program” in
Strasbourg, France in 2011. He worked at Third General Surgery Clinic of Atatürk Training
and Research Hospital in İzmir as staff surgeon, and associate professor of general surgery
between 1990 and 2010. During that period he attended courses on laparoscopic surgery in
İstanbul University and received certificate for laparoscopic surgery, attended advanced
courses on bariatric-matabolic and colorectal laparoscopic surgery in Elancourt, France and
Allentown, PA, USA. He visited Washington Cancer Institute, Washington, D.C, USA and
worked with Paul H. Sugarbaker, M.D. on cytoreductive surgery and hyperthermic
intraperitoneal chemotherapy in 1994. He received general surgery license in Atatürk
Training and Research Hospital in İzmir where he worked with Chief Surgeon Dr. Erol
Kaymak between 1986 and 1990. His M.D. degree is from Medical School of Ege University,
İzmir, in 1982. His research interests besides surgical practice in the operating room are
developing laparoscopic and robotic surgery instruments.