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Title: Big Data Analytics

Speaker: Dr. H. Sait Ölmez

Date/Time: March 18, 2015, 12:40-14:00

Place: G035

Abstract: Here is the outline of the seminar. 
                What is Big Data? Why now and what’s different?
                Where does it come from and in what forms?
                Business value of big data: 
                Why are we interested in it?
                Why and where do we need it?
                What is Data Science and who is a data scientist?
                Use of Data Analytics for tackling problems of Big Data
                How to create a use case and roadmap for success with Big Data
                Architecting a Big Data platform for Analytics
                Challenges, barriers, common pitfalls and how to overcome them
Bio: Dr. H. Sait Ölmez is currently a faculty member in the Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences and the director of the professional graduate programs in Information Technologies and Data Analytics at Sabanci University. He is also the founder and the CEO of Ortogon, a spinoff from Sabanci University specialized in software technologies. Before joining Sabanci University in 2001, he worked 5 years in a technology company he co-founded. He had been a faculty member for 2 years at Bilkent University between 1994 and 1996. Soon after he got his doctorate, he worked at MIT as a research scientist for 4 years. He has 30+ years of IT experience blended with academic research and teaching. Dr. Ölmez received his BSc from Istanbul Technical University in 1983, a MSc from University of Michigan in 1985 and a PhD from MIT in 1991.