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Date & Place: 11 May,  13h40, G015- FENS.
TitleWetting, Evaporation and Boiling Studies at The University of Edinburgh: Sessile Drops and Microscale Systems

Abstract: This seminar will summarise work on the study of wetting and evaporation of sessile drops and evaporation and boiling in single and multiple micro-channels at the University of Edinburgh and in collaboration with colleagues worldwide. Much of this work focusses on what happens at the micro-scale or in confined micro-systems, an area where there is still much to be discovered and understood.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • The effect of the substrate thermal properties on drop evaporation,
  • Instabilities and Hydrothermal waves in sessile drops,
  • Instabilities in binary mixture drops,
  • Nano-fluids and electro-wetting,
  • Evaporation of Polymer Drops,
  • Boiling and bubble confinement in a high aspect ratio rectangular microchannel, and
  • Flow boiling instabilities in a microchannel-based heat sink 

Brief Biography

John Christy graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1982 with an MA in Chemical Engineering before moving to the University of Edinburgh, where he was first appointed as an academic staff member in 1983, completing his PhD in 1988 on the experimental simulation of thrombosis around artificial heart valves. His early work involved coagulation and flow studies around artificial heart valves, using rennetised milk to simulate flow-related thrombosis and techniques, such as Laser Doppler Anemometry and Particle Image Velocimetry to study the transient fluid flows.

Over the last 15 years he has worked alongside Khellil Sefiane on velocimetry studies related to evaporation and boiling, especially in microscale systems. It is this work, amongst other studies that will be reported on in the seminar.